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Funding for Teacher Compensation

Starting salaries for instructional staff in Hanover County Public Schools are virtually identical to other counties in the metro Richmond region (Henrico, Chesterfield, King William and Goochland).  However, as teachers get more experience and have been in the field for 15 years or more, Hanover clearly lags behind all of the adjacent counties in average salaries.  This leads to greater turnover as teachers leave Hanover for higher paying jobs elsewhere.  If we want to keep the stellar reputation that Hanover County Public Schools has achieved, we need to do what is necessary to retain our excellent instructional staff. As Cold Harbor District Supervisor, I will push to see that our teachers salaries remain in line with the surrounding counties.




Congestion on Route 360 (Mechanicsville Turnpike)

As residents of the Cold Harbor District can attest, the traffic congestion issues on Mechanicsville Turnpike have continued to get worse as commercial and residential development have increased.  Any future planning actions in the County need to take this congestion into account.  

As Cold Harbor District Supervisor, I will work with my colleagues to come up with innovative solutions to solve this issue that affects everyone in our District.


Prioritize Expansion of Broadband Internet Access to Rural Areas of the County

Having broadband internet access in the 21st century is no longer a luxury - it's now a necessity.  The impact of not having it is felt in many aspects of daily life - school work is delayed or not completed, businesses are not attracted to areas without it and home values suffer if broadband internet is not available.  As Cold Harbor District Supervisor, I will work to explore all options for getting the necessary funding to expand broadband internet access to the rural areas of the county.



Selection of New Location for Eastern Hanover Multi Use Park

In December 2018, the Hanover County Board of Supervisors agreed to sell land that had been set aside for a multi-use park named after long time Cold Harbor Supervisor Elton Wade.  It was sold to the American Battlefield Trust to ensure the hallowed grounds of the Cold Harbor and Gaines Mill battles in the Civil War would be preserved. The proceeds from this sale are in the County's long-term plan so that the Board of Supervisors can identify other potential locations for these much needed park facilities.  As Cold Harbor District Supervisor, I will work with all constituent groups and stakeholders to find the right location for a multi-use park in our part of the county.



Progress Toward Long Term Goal of Relocating SJMS and LDHS


Lee-Davis High School (LDHS) opened in 1959 - 60 years ago this year!  Many Cold Harbor district residents have students that attend LDHS and its feeder middle school, Stonewall Jackson Middle School (SJMS).  It can also be said that many of these same residents call LDHS their alma mater.  Hanover County has realized that the time has come for new school facilities that will service students that currently attend SJMS and LDHS and has included these intentions in the Hanover County Capital Improvement Plan.  As Cold Harbor District Supervisor, I will ensure that the new schools that are built match the stellar students, teachers and administrators that walk through those doors every day. 



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